07 December 2006

Avatar Advertising Works!

I bet you never tried this one before! Well if you are a member at Digital Point Forums you probably know what I am talking about. Since yesterday Site Sift Directory has this picture in many member's avatar

Most of the high post count members had this in their avatar and I think the site sift picture was in more than 200,000 posts yesterday, wow got a nice exposure! Only problem is that it created a lot of confusion among the members... it was difficult to know who was who, many thought that members were bumping their own thread before they discovered what was happening :)
Some more creative members edited the picture a little bit, I added my name (ruby) in mine for less confusion :p Very personalized hun? :D check it out ;)

Avatar advertising seems to be working very well, Sevenseek Directory also joined the game... This is one of the picture sevenseek is using as members avatar, there're many other variations.
Sevenseek is also reaching many posts, apparently because he's paying more than sitesift lol, but I think for sitesift many were doing it just for the fun. Anyway a member even started a thread to see who's going to win the max posts among the two here. Since I got no PM from any of these two directory owners to support them and I don't know them neither, I am actually supporting both with this:

I am a seven-sifter! hahaha

No kidding now.. I think avatar advertising is a very good marketing technique, even if they're not getting links on the forum, many bloggers (like me) are going to write about this... and just think about it, both of these directories will get tons of backlinks!

update (08.12.06 - 12:14AM)
Stuart, the owner of site-sift sent me a pm, I just corrected the mistake I made in his url, really sorry about that :)
When I posted the avatar thingy I said to myself that I'll support the directory who first pmed me at DP, so I guess I'll change back to the 100% site-sift avatar now :D well the one specially personalized for me of course hehe.