30 September 2006

29 September 06 PR Update

Google Page Rank seems to be updating according to some webmaster forums, at digital point they're are talking about this update and seems it's a backlink update too.

I haven't seen any changes for this blog, I think my PR will stay at 3 for this update, it's no surprise since I don't have much high PR backlinks linking to me. Other than this I've noticed changes on many websites, DP Forums seems to be going for PR8 etc.

I posted some PR Checker tool here.


thedark said...

That is the last update ? i have an website which has some good backlinks, in online backlink checkers tells me that my PR should be 4. I want to know if any update occured in the last 2 weeks, or i want to be informed if any pr update occurs in the future.

Can my pagerank stand at 0 because my website is sandboxed ( it is pretty new ), or the sandbox don't affect page rank ?

rubeina said...

According to many webmasters it was only a partial update, new PR could be seen on some datacenters only, many people are still seeing changes in their PR.
I don't really like using PR prediction tools (can deceive you a lot)

Not all websites are caught in the sandbox, it's more common with very competitive terms and I don't think sandbox can affect PR in any way... when your site in sandboxed that doesn't mean it's banned. Just work on your links and PR will come.

Ramakrishna said...

Yeah, I am working on developing back links for my newly hosted sites. Everyone more particular about PR. PR what keeps site owner happy. LOL! :)