02 May 2006

Where to submit your articles?

A great place to submit your article is SubmitContent, when you submit your article to this directory, it is also submitted to a network of 1500 directories!
Notice that Submit Content is a partner of isnare.com, this means you are sure to get quality links.

Good luck with your submissions.


SEO said...

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Tanning Lotion said...

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publish articles said...

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rubeina said...

@ best tanning: you're welcome :)
Every links count, whether it be from directories, link exchange or an article.

@ publish articles: Sure! That;s a great idea, I will write an article soon about the matter. By the way articlebeat.com is a great article site. Keep the good work.

Chris said...

There are a lot of article sites out there, this one I've not heard of yet.

Although, I think the jury is still out on whether or not search engines frown on this type of link building. Personally, I'm with you rubeina, every freakin link counts. :)

Joe Berenguer said...

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Kevin said...

"@ best tanning: you're welcome :)"
Best Tanning is a spam bot =P

Anyways, I really like this blog. It's nice that you are sharing these tips with the world, unlike some greedy people who don't tell anyone anything. Alot of these I didn't even know.

I linked to you from my blog, KevinJB.com :-)

rubeina said...

Just gave you a link back :)

I'm happy to see that what am writing is helping others :)

hmm I think I'll delete "best tanning" comment... but I don't think it's absolutely necessary as it links to his profile not directly to his blog.

You know I feel silly sometimes, I haven't yet added meta tags!! LOL and hope nobody reads that description that I written about the blog. Got to change that sometimes.

Generators said...

Ranked Article Sites

rubeina said...

Thanks for sharing the list.

Mike said...

hey rubeina, Mike saying hi, nice blog :)

rubeina said...

Thank you Mike :)

Geoff said...

Yes looks like a great blog
I have bookedmarked and will definantly read more.
Well done rubeina
I have spent a lot on all sorts of information and products this lokos like you give alot more than I have paid fo inthe past