27 April 2006

Shoemoney Quick Check Tools

I came across this recently and found it very helpful to check backlinks rapidly
here's what it looks like

I was using some other online tools to check backlinks but I found this tool from Shoemoney very useful, what's nice is that it checks backlinks from all the mayor search engines, no need to check one by one.
(Most of my backlinks are from my forum signatures :) I never SEOed (don't know if this term exists) my blog)

Another tool that I found very interesting is this one
Result will look like this
Good tool to check your ranking on all these SE's at same time, cool I didn't know I was #1 on msn for the keywords "seo secrets"

These results are from 26.04.04, today I checked again, seems I no more in top 100 on Altavista, some days back I was even on yahoo... Anyways I think am doing well (LOL) for a blog that has never been SEOed.


Chris said...

Fantastic blog and a great tool. Your site will be added to my blog roll. Keep up the great work.

rubeina said...

Thank you for the comment.
I will add yours blog to my links

Paul Adams said...

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Kevin Boyer said...

Wow, nice blog, I like it alot. This is an awesome tool. How'd you manage to get a pagerank of 5 with only two backlinks on google?

rubeina said...

I am not very well placed to answer your question. I was a bit amazed when I got the PR5 @ the last PR
. Google acts weird sometimes :) Some very new websites have got real high PR (including my blog) whereas older websites didn't have any big change in their Page Rank. I "hope" I'll keep this PR @ the next update.